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  • Lachinski Chiropractic is in network with my insurance company so I show up, get treated and they do the rest. It doesn't get much simpler.



  • I was injured in a car crash and didn't know what to do. Lachinski Chiropractic helped me with the insurance paperwork which reduced my stress so I could focus on getting better.



  • I am a construction worker and got hurt on the job. I went to my medical doctor and they gave me medications. I can't work when I am on medications so I tried chiropractic care and acupuncture.  I was back at work right away and didn't have to take the medications.



  • No nonsense chiropractic care. I come in when my low back affects my golf swing. I get adjusted and feel better, then come back when needed. He doesn't try and sell me on a treatment plan that I don't need.



  • I have had headaches since I can remember.  I am a daycare provider so headaches are not an option. I manage my headaches with neck adjustments and acupuncture so I can function at work. Acupuncture is awesome!





  • My family and I have been treating with Dr. Lachinski since I was pregnant with my oldest (8 years ago). I don't like to medicate my children so he is the first place I take my kids when they are feeling "off." They respond quickly to care and we are back on track as an active family.



  • I have worked 40 plus years to retire and then I get rear ended. I hurt so bad that I struggled to do the things I waited so long to do. After treating with Dr. Jeremy for a couple of weeks I can now manage my injuries so I can enjoy retirement and play with my grandchildren.



  • I have been to may chiropractors in the area and no one can consistently adjust my low back like Dr. Jeremy. I pay cash so I want results.



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